about us

We were formed back in 1991 when Nelson Mandela had just taken over the Presidency of South Africa and Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as president of what was then The Soviet Union.

Since those days we've grown a fledgling ad shop into the region's largest and most successful privately owned communications agency.

We've always looked to blend the experience of senior management, all of whom come from developed markets with big agency background, with what we see as the best young talent the region can offer.

It's been a model that's allowed us to work with some fantastic people, pick up prestigious awards and attract the patronage of some of the leading lights of the global ad world.

But more importantly than any of that, it's allowed us to produce work, of which we can not only be proud, but work that has been proven to make a positive contribution to the success of the brands we've been entrusted with.

The first 25 years have been a fantastic journey and one that we're still thrilled to be on, as every day we look to live up to our aim of being an agency of great people producing great work.